i’m your boss(y)

If you wanna be my boss, be my mentor first. I want the best in you. Right there. Shining through and making me wonder why I forgot my sunglasses again. I want you to get me. To see me. To know me. I want you to show me that talent, that reason. That maturity that I lack. Apparently anyway. I don’t want you to sit. I don’t want you to be slow. I want you to appreciate my position and how far I’ve come so far. I also want you to see where I’m going. And help me. And show me that great management value of yours, that direction, that clarity and guidance. Stop me if I’m making you uncomfortable, let me know that you’re for me, and not against my lack of skill in certain areas. Show me how you can get me to where I wanna be, faster, with more fun along the way, mended by trust and creativity. Be strong when the diva’s coming out. And show me proof of talent, make it easy for me, go with me and show me how you get me. And note that I’m not fond of you unless you’re naturally shiny.


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