• Ideas on what YULXC could be about:
  • Experiments in pursuit of happiness, excellence, brilliance, and stepping up the game just because we can
  • Musings and word music combinations
  • Exclamations are a nature of a human being.
  • Moments of life-changing discoveries as sudden, clear visions, pictures, images
  • Collecting emotions and memories


  • Intentions:
  • Capture the good stuff in an image: stays in the back of your head, ready when you need it to make intuitive decisions!
  • Get through the other good stuff and resurface with even more images: turns anything into plain goodness full of detail and emotion!


  • Side-effects:
  • Experience new emotions that still feel familiar…
  • Make wiser decisions that you can totally back up by your own thinking… step up your game!
  • Feel your heart beat.

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