picking your partners

  1. Are they an ally? Probably not! Hide! Run! Then try to discern their real intentions from afar, before they notice you’re watching. Or walk out of the refuge and draw a clear, soft, enlightened line, a boundary. And state your point. Grasp the reaction. Make your choice.
  2. Can I clearly see and relate to their inner values? Are they true or still fake, not knowing why they’re here. Not bothering to ask and search and find. If their transmission isn’t up to par, there’s nothing left to do but wait until the clouds clear up.
  3. Are they competent? Do I need to learn that piece or skill, are they willing to share what I need? It’s that magic of other person’s brilliance that draws me to them regardless of obstacles. They’re awesome! Generous! Spectacular! Knowing what they know will help me open the door to the next level, and I amsolooking forward to that!

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