like clockwork in the background

The morning is up! Wake up, get up!

20 minutes of drill begin. Run!

Forget the quietness and serenity of Sunday evening, there is just no time to be vague. Or to think. Or to dream. You need to understand right now: run for your life! As fast as you can. Focused on just one thing: closing that door behind you and setting off into the daily run.

And out! Run – you’re almost late but not quite, just in time, as always.

And if not, they can wait, right? They don’t understand that this run costs you 500% of the energy they would have spent this morning.

Since they’re no dreamers, no thinkers, no philosophers but those amazing efficient people who can analyze the gist of a sentence in seconds, and give you all the powerful, logical arguments you can think of.

Attack right on. Which makes you dream of being just like them in order to survive the daily drill with much less damage.

That’s how it is: your drill is different and probably right here somewhere… to make it just as easy for you as the clockwork is for them.


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