too deep thinking’s sweetness

Some people wonder why the search for enlightenment and that too deep thinking are at all necessary. Useless, distracted individuals, staring into space and living in their own world. Incommunicado. MIA. Antisocial. Really?

The thing is, that search is sweet.

One side-effect is that it’s cozy. Comforting. A kind of self-improvement to finally feel part of this world, deeply connected to the right, bright souls, sharing the same space to stare into.

Once, she was sitting at the window in that bar on the 22nd floor, overlooking the majestic panorama of the city that she loved so much: the view that made her want to fly, and stay high in the air. That bar is her church, she can be there alone without feeling lonely.

But that time, she finally felt bored. For the first time, the noise bothered her – she could actually hear it. And there was literally absolutely nothing to do except keep stirring her copper mug half-filled with the favorite Wild Russian Julep. So that’s how it feels like for them.


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