catch it on the back of your head

You don’t see it now, and you won’t. You might not even feel it. You could sense it, but I can’t promise.

Be careful when catching it – it’s fragile. It’s beating and fighting, and it stil, deep inside, wants to be caught by the one it belongs to. The one who can catch it by sensing, catch it on the back of their head.

So what are you catching? The yulxc – of course – a seasoned accomplishment of nature, radianting fireful enthusiasm, excitement, and zest for experiencing beauty, balance, imbalance on its way to perfection, symmetry, sensorial and bodily digestion, transition, protection, cracking sounds, twilight, familiarity, warmth. And air that one could drink like fresh spring water after a long and joyful run in the green, moist, summer woods.

Oxygen, water, and light swirling and dancing, and being seen through the slow-motion camera with some kind of a too-much-wasabi effect.

There is a colors’ palette… and that tipping point of twilight.

A transition from colors to multiples of grey and shimmering, to reflections of white, yellow and orange light bouncing off anything that the eye happens to come across.

The only way of catching it is to stop thinking and start sensing – with the back of your head. Anyone can do it.


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