on parallel currents

Let’s look at current number 1: it’s that feeling of Day 2 of 90. Approximately 90 days of summer holidays. Off to the country house, the lakes, the woods, the good old crew who knows you well. Innumerable games, role plays, runs, bike rides, baking sessions, Barbies, swims. And strawberries – lots of them! Lots and lots and lots – lots of everything ahead!

The other current is our ability to give shape to what is inside. Let’s call it “the poems” – gentle, expressive, emotional, deep, grounded in wisdom and experiment, aimed at sharing, touching, making a connection felt by somebody else. There is no more blissful state than the moments when uncovered wisdom is felt by multiple beating hearts, spreading the joy around them without any physical motion.

Just remember: the lots and the poems are parallel currents that run smoothly one beside the other. They do not cause one another, they do not intersect.


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