keeping in touch by touching objects

Zooming – in and out – is a continuous fascination sucking you in, seducing like a suite with ever more doors of various shapes and sizes opening and closing, changing and moving towards the fulfillment of the great puzzle.

Keeping in touch with the senses* is the puzzle’s resolution sometimes. For it is resolved either by cracking the code or by running out of time. It really doesn’t matter that much. Your middle, somewhere inside, hanging in the stomach’s spaciousness, knows it all by heart. It might also know by heart every moment of joy you feel when a drop of knowledge is extracting itself from this vast, warm, light, nice and beautiful inner body. Yes… that’s it…

*Try to hold on to something smooth and cold, like a spoon or a fountain pen. Lead it between each of your fingers to feel the nuances and changes in temperature.


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