unexpected fibrillations – the dear parts of keeping afloat

There are these little moments in life when unexpected ingredients are brought to the table and change your mind, bring you into fibrillation. If people you knew are at that table, and they have changed – here is a brilliant reflection ground!

Seeking “the right thing” is a satisfying mission, it makes sense. And not knowing what this thing is is therefore just fine. Note that if the not-knowingness takes too long, you may as well drop the idea for a day and go swimming in a cold lake to liberate all the accumulated input. Don’t seek for too long at once. Too long meaning when it feels heavy.

When it feels light and deep and grounded and mutifacetedly mesmerising, and then suddenly not anymore, then it’s probably just fine to welcome lightness through freshness anyway, and then change your mind to fine-tune. Keeping afloat is a fun exercise.


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