games to generate ideas vs. “uh, that’s a great idea!”

Somehow, in those books on entrepreneurship and creativity, and even when hearing the word “creative agency”, stiffness immediately covers our back, and heaviness appears in our stomach. Instead of artificial, official, or even worse – clumsy team-based, “games to generate ideas”, brainstorming sessions etc. (unless these are part of #2 or #3 below), see what a single mind is capable of doing:

There is no easier thing than seeing ideas and the pre-requisites are easy, too!

  1. min. 4 hours of undisturbed being. no rushing, no sub-deadlines, no potential for changing priorities, no reasons whatsoever that anything could burst into the peaceful space and get in the way of sweet exploration, connection, mapping, and understanding what things are, from their very beginning;
  2. input – lots of pieces of information from various sources; lots of sources shaped and colored in different ways – books, notes, printed documents, scientific articles, magazines, notes taken while watching videos; an eye must be able to glance over the colors, words, shapes, sizes, tones and connect them together; and this short-term visual memory is supplemented by pieces and ideas remaining from watching videos and listening to audios, and talking to people – all things that cannot be seen simultaneously;
  3. process – wandering around the room, messing up the notes, writing and rewriting them on pieces of paper, compiling drafts of nothing less than a masterpiece;
  4. output – sounds like this: “uh, that’s a great idea!.. and this related to that, and that has already been mentioned here!.. and it all now makes total and perfect sense, and we can use it in this wonderful way, it is such a great discovery, we will be all so much better off when putting this into place! oh, just imagine how great if will be to…”

5 or 6 hours later, provided that the procrastination goblins have stayed away this time, which they have, there is this deep feeling of satisfaction that covers your everywhere. New ideas are highly recommendable!


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