impossible to stop thinking when nearing solution (see trick)

People like you know the process of collecting the puzzle pieces of the work you do daily in order to complete the big picture. The digesting of information, the deep reflection on the links between various pieces and on what can be created out of them, is part of your nature. This process can probably be called search.

It is driven by a deep desire to understand a particular, fascinating phenomenon – a story, really. It is the only way you function. Without the big picture of something truly captivating, there is no sense to the daily work. No sense without the search for the missing pieces.

Well, at some point, the search simply needs to pause for a while and the digestive process will naturally happen in the background. And when it still requires too much energy and the only thing you can think about is the very big picture you are searching, then it is time to do the impossible. It is time to relax.

Relaxing is the most difficult thing to do when your mind is fuming and your eyes are wide open and staring into space. And there is one simple trick: let a different story occupy your mind for a while. There are so many stories worth listening to – either read by a friend, or via audiobooks. So many great writers and artists have spent their lives producing the exact thing that is going to be useful to you now. It’s worth appreciating their efforts once again.


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